Akatix Arts

Needle Felting, pixel sprites, illustration, and more – I’ve likely dipped my hands into any craft piece of artwork I could find along with these that have stuck. Here specifically you’ll find my most recent work along with what I offer as far as commissions. While these openings are announced on my social media (DeviantArt, Twitter, or KoFi), you are more than welcome to request quotes here. In the future I plan to increase my showings here to other arts I dabble in like writing, photography and painting.

About Me

My name is Ash, but online I usually go by Akatix or to friends, simply Akat.

Ash (Akatix) and her husband Wes on their wedding day

I’m a proud Canadian artist, focusing on my Needle Felting but dabbling in illustration and pixel animations as they got me to where I am. My favourite subjects are imagined creatures, anything full of creativity and colour. Feral monsters from an artistic brain and the species of great communities! Feel free to check through my Toyhouse for my characters and creatures.

Happily married to my favourite dork on the planet since 2019, we share a artistically crafty home together with 4 cats we adore more than anything. When not creating, we enjoy Jeep adventures into the mountains and kayaking on every lake and river we can find. Comfy couch nights curled up with a game are just as welcome, especially in those long Alberta winters.

Professionally I’m a eCommerce digital content specialist, and have been working my way up to that title for 8 years. I am happily working from home and it’s permitted me to really focus on the nitty gritty of my job.

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