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New Grem Works

Some new Grem pieces I’ve done recently! I’ve really been working through some art blocks in the past couple months, and these characters have drug me out of it. The anatomy is challenging, but it’s something I’m enjoying practicing! Especially when it comes with strong sassy expressions.

Grem (Grem2) named Benri with her Snaptrap pet Dipper and ice cream!

It’s even better especially when I can mix Grems (Grem2) with Snaptraps. This one above was a perfect match! The Grem had been mine for a while; Benri, while the Snaptrap on her cone was a gram-gift from a good friend. They gave Benri as inspiration to the creator (Oniongrump) and they in turn created Dipper! An ice cream inspired Snaptrap to perfectly match an ice cream Grem.

For this one I was mostly focused on expressions and getting the weird grape finger, bulge Grem arm down. I ended up really loosening up and trying a couple different things ha.

4 sketches of the Grem Spriggen in her Winter coat

Whenever I have a chance for a new character or design, I usually try to draw it out first. Sometimes I think this jinxes me, but at the same time I don’t always know if I’ll like the character if I don’t draw them. This was one such occasion where I started drawing out a character, loved them and the sketches, but ended up not getting them in the trade. So – I turned the sketches into a Grem I already own; Sprig. It worked out well as they had similar traits! I was a little upset the offer was pulled before I could accept it, but it worked out in the end! I got these great little Winter Sprig doodles – and a few months later I ended up getting the same character I was after anyways!

The Snow Grem Zorah posing strong

In this house we stan STRONG WOMEN! So when I got this Snowgrem I already knew that she was going to be that tough type of lady that “doesn’t want to be strong like man who looks pretty, wants to be strong like bitch who fight bears in the forest”! Zorah is the embodiment of that, as well as inspired by a love of Smilodons. She has such a prehistoric ice age colour palette and I adore it!

I really love how this piece turned out. Again, working on my Grem anatomy while also trying to keep everything super quick and fun. I think I turned this doodle out in just an hour or two, which for how it turned out I’m very happy with!

Cat girls are ruining my life - or should it be Cat Grems are ruining my art block

More Zorah, but while also on a Kach kick. Anything Lucky Cat inspired has my whole heart and Kach is no exception. Sassy, fiesty, and ready to steal yo’ shit – she’s a great character to play with when working on expressions.

I also tried something a little different with colouring and adding different shading effects after finishing it – and while there are some things I would like to change I am very happy with how these ladies turned out.

Lucky Cat / Maneki Neko inspired characters together! Raccoon, Cat, Snaptrap, and Grem

This was very quickly followed by another Kach lead sketch. I collect Lucky Cats in both real life and in character designs and I had to put the online kids together. So including Kach, my snaptrap Key, a little cat design Poe, and of course – my mascot Akat. It ended up a fun little doodle that I couldn’t just leave as a scribble, I used this again to work on just quickly working through a piece rather than going slow enough that I got bored with it.


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