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Keeping the Balance

Recently, there has been talk in the fibre art community that there’s an imbalance between how their digital and needlefelt work is received by their audiences.

There is a change depending on what you upload, because you have different audiences for different styles of artwork. If you put a lot of thought and work into one, naturally your audience is going to be larger! Therefore you’ll get a larger reaction.

For example; for the longest time I was only the Bounce Pixels artist.

Little 50×50 pixel icons that I did on the cheap for years! So much so that majority of my online galleries are these. Once I started needle felting, I saw some overlap in the audience but the love for the pixels didn’t fade. I just got new watchers who only came to see the felts – because perhaps they just liked physical crafts more than digital art. Digital art has always been broken down to a whole range of different sections and communities.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Understanding that people are unique and have different interests is as important as understanding that you have different styles that represent who you are as an artist. It’s unfair to demand an audience disperse their attention to things they may not be interested in. I question why it’s taken so personally when it’s still love for your work and talents.

In the end it’s important to stand alongside your art, no matter the medium. Keeping up with works that excite and entice you while engaging others is a wonderful balance – no matter which audience within your audience you engage.


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