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Making Of: Cccats

Maybe it’s their simple shapes, bright colours, or general fan fair; but somehow I’ve managed to add a good handful of Cccats to my portfolio of completed works.

These alien like creatures were created by WellHidden; a successful and wildly creative artist generally found on Deviantart. Their group, founded 6 years ago, houses 3,538 members (including myself) and over 1,500 unique Cccat designs! As far as Closed Species go they easily fall under the larger successes and maintain a strong community.

Of these species I own one – Dango. As his name suggests he’s themed after the popular Japanese treat by the same name. For nearly 3 years he has been an incredibly important character for me. Purely out of the happiness I feel from his design. Given how sought after he is and how much I could stand to profit if I were to voucher him away it seems silly to hold on – but for some reason I can’t seem to part with the strange creature.

Dango has been the subject of a great many doodles, and one of my most loved Needle Felting projects.

He has become a staple in our home despite being a little difficult to explain to those who might look at him and not understand the species. Done simply as a personal project meant to clear my mind and get my motivation back on track in between commissions, but ended up sparking a whole host of different projects in the future! His easy design and perfectly palm sized form brought interest and I ended up creating a few more Cccats for people with a very similar formula.

Needle Felts: Buddies for a Bit

Cccats in general come in a variety of sizes and styles. Bean and Dango match (shown above) but another displays Chinese Dragon style anatomy.

Desired to be a good deal larger than the others and taller, Branch broke more of the mold.

At the end of the day however the style of Cccats remains recognizable as the same species. No matter how different the outside, the base remains the same. Spherical head, long neck, tall stature, and thin waist. Along with ‘crowns’ or a few sticks of various design coming from the back of their heads.

A more recent addition to my repertoire of Cccats was Jacq. I had not done a Cccat in quite some time before jumping into this commission but turns out it’s like riding a bike.

The Process

With Dango I took photos along the way so that I could share them with others looking to get into the craft, or just people who were curious to see it. The photos I took did a better job of explaining my thought process which helped a great deal!


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