Needle Felting

Commissions are done in several different sizes, styles, and of course – anything necessary to bring your critter to life!

My needle felts are created by hand using a variety of different wool! These felts can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to create, based off size and complexity.

(please note that while working on these I do have a full time job at the same time, however I will happily send WIP photos along the way of the entire process! From armature to finishing touches, I want you to be informed the whole way <3 )

Pricing ranges depending on the size and complexity of your felt, any shown here are guidelines based on example work. Feel free to request a quote at any time, check my Queue for Ping lists and current status!


Small / Keychain Size: 2″-3″

Small Needle felts are generally simplified and the least poseable option. These also include headshots, keychains, and chibi-fied creations.

Medium: 4″-5″

Mediums are the most common Needle Felted size! These allow for details without being too pricey, and allow for some wire armature posability.

Large: 6″-7″

Larger felts are usually those with higher detail and larger features. These allow for more posing as well.

Jumbo: 7″+

Jumbo felts are the highest detail, complexity, and size. They require more time to complete due to their usually large size, higher material requirements, and often unique qualities! Jumbo felts have the largest realm of possibility when it comes to customization. Pricing is completely relative to size, difficulty, and additions.

Request a Quote

Feel free to request a quote at any time!

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