Pixel Hell 2022

Every so often I’ll release a sale I lovingly refer to as Pixel Hell. It’s a half off all 50×50 pixel spree with unlimited slots; as many as you want you can add to my list. Small bouncing pixels

Recently I had opened one up to help pay for some Vet bills, which then turned into helping with some moving costs as we moved from Edmonton down to Leduc – and it ended up being a record breaker!

Previously my record had been around 45, with most being across a few bigger batch orders. This time? 97.


Granted, most of these came from a good friend who has a need to have all her characters match art – and I adore her for it. Having a supportive friend like that is a treasure and I’ll forever be grateful for how she pushes my art. This round she grabbed 41. Nearing beating out the total record on her own, but then I decided to continue on and offer them on my platforms…which over doubled that number.

But I got to work! Normally my commissions are finished within a couple weeks, usually 2 tops for a large batch. However this go round it took nearly 2 months. In between a wicked cold that had us reaching for COVID tests to vet scares and bills to burn out and then MOVING within a 2 week span – it was a lot to take on all at once. To make it even better, my boss quit. A woman who was instrumental in my career and developed confidence – as well as someone that was working on moving me up to a higher position. Suddenly I was taking over for her and helping the team get through it; while going through the rest of everything lol.

To say I was stressed was an understatement; but I pulled through! It took a good deal of time, but every single one of those pixels were completed. And when I got to the end I was so ready to be done, but so proud of myself.

Obviously not all of them are listed within this post, and not all of them even got uploaded to Deviantart or twitter – but they were all complete and every customer gave the excited seal of approval in receiving them. Thats really all I can ask for lol Eventually they’ll make their way to my usual Pixel page; but in time.

But now comes the trouble of what to do with myself. Going from an overburdened schedule to not so much of one is a weird feeling, even weirder when you realize you can finally do all those things you wanted to do for yourself now…but no longer have the drive to do it. There are so many pixels I would love to do for myself, to complete my own matching set for my characters. But I worry that I’ve burnt myself out yet again – at least for the time being.



Suddenly Dinosaurs

March 24, 2022

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