Needle Felting

Starting Off

Some people are said to be born with a talent or fixation towards some hobby. There are those who’s parents unconsciously push them into one thing, and others who just grab and go the first thing that catches their attention.

For me, it was something of a combination between the two. I’ve always been that “artsy” kid. You know the one, turned every class into art class with sketched over homework, enjoyed cartoons a bit too long after the age range, was always volunteered for creative projects. For a lot of artists, those early school years were the beginnings of what could be called a hobby, but to them – was a lifestyle.

There’s certainly something to be said for the artist life and how it takes hold of you. Whether you’re painting, knitting, drawing, sculpting, or otherwise; it never seems to just exist on the edge of your attention. It’s a constant flowing thought and a constantly revolving door of ideas. But there’s usually something that gets you there. One little decision that takes an idle action and turns it into that fully bloomed life.

It All Started With A Sale

Scrolling around Prime Day like the online window shopper I had become, I spotted a little starter kit. Having never heard of it before aside from perhaps once or twice scrolling through Pintrest – I was intrigued. Why on Earth was Prime suggesting this to me? It must have something to do with the things I do right?

Turns out, it wasn’t anything close to the digital artwork I had been doing. But nonetheless, I was curious. I had always wanted to try my hand at plush making, but couldn’t afford a sewing machine. Always wanted to get back into sculpting, but couldn’t seem to nuance to anything I liked. I had tried cross stitching, but the slow progress for even just a small result drove me mad. This Needle Felting kit seemed to be the perfect combination of them all. I could take my character concepts and bring them to life in a sculpting manor, with that soft sewn feel as a plush or stitch – but in a totally different way.

For $10 and free shipping – how could I say no?

As someone with what seems like a million hobbies, it wasn’t a big deal to try something new. However what made it a big deal was how easily I found my hands getting into a rhythm. Sure there was a lot of stabbing and my first felt wasn’t anything to scream about, but without any tutorials and just feeling it out as I went – it was a quick start.

The First Felt

This little creature, affectionately named Fawn, was something of my own creation. Not quite a deer, not quite a fox, some amalgamation of the two mixed purely because it was cute. I had some close colours and she seemed easy enough so within a few hours I had done up a cute little chibi or bean of her. July 15, 2017.

Even though it wasn’t the one to one representation I was hoping for, I was hooked. Immediately and definitively – I needed to do more.

Working up and forward, I continued my stabbing for months until I felt confident enough to not only do it for others; but to try it for myself again. October 2, 2017 and the improvement was explosive!

A Hobby Gone Wild

From that point on any time felting was dedicated towards improving, which turned into taking commissions and improving my name. It’s gone from simple beans to anatomical creatures with posable limbs and expressions – the road has been a long one and it’s still going.

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